VulcanoGres. Charcoal oven | Catalytic filter for charcoal ovens
Transforms carbon monoxide nonpolluting carbon dioxide. It is installed between the flue and the short nozzle sparks.
Charcoal ovens, Embers Oven, professional ovens, ovens for restaurants
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Catalytic filter for charcoal ovens, Embers Oven

What is a catalytic converter?
Most people think of a catalytic converter as part of the exhaust system of your car, which helps reduce pollution. The same technology can be applied to ovens and charcoal grills.
Our VulcanoGres catalytic converter is designed to have a large area in which the gas can pass easily.
This surface is covered with precious metals such as platinum, which stimulates the chemical reactions necessary.



Hornos y parrillas de carbón. Filtro catalítico



With charcoal coal ovens and charcoal grills, the main reaction is that we want to promote the oxidation of carbon monoxide emitted by burning coal to create carbon dioxide.

A secondary benefit of the catalytic converter is that it can oxidize gases, odors and reducing fat in kitchen.


A catalytic converter must be heated, otherwise it will not work. The minimum flue gas temperature is about 225 ° C, so it is best to place it in the bottom of the chimney. Catalytic converters can be round, square or rectangular, and in most cases can be the same size as the flue to make installation easier. It is better if the gas passing through travels vertically so that in case there is ash that can not pass through the catalytic converter, this drop in the oven again due to gravity.

How often do you clean them?

This depends on how hot it is, and what is cooking. The catalyst promotes the release of heat, so it will heat up the temperature of the flue gas that between. Normally be about 50-100 C hotter than the flue gas, which means that the temperature of the catalytic converter is often more than 400 C. In this temperature range, any grease that comes from food and reaches the converter catalytic probably burn. Therefore it is only necessary to remove it once a month to blow the ash getting stuck.


Hornos y parrillas de carbón. Filtro catalítico


Is there anything else I should do?

Catalytic converters need oxygen to work. The required oxygen comes from the air entering the bottom of the oven. In some situations all this oxygen is used to burn coal, so there is not enough for the catalytic converter. The solution is to introduce more air into the fireplace in front of the catalytic converter. This can be done either by a small electric or by designing a venturi so that pressure inside the chimney is lower than outside it, and therefore the fresh air can enter through holes in the same pump .